Flat-Pack House

  • If you are looking for a house to built in a fast, economical way then we are the company for you.


  • With our unique SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) we can build you a house to your bespoke design for less money and in half the time. 


  • SIPS or Structural Insulated Panels are composite wall panels made with a core of thermally efficient polystyrene and fibreglass. They are so efficient that the walls of a brick house would have to be 6 times as thick to achieve the same insulation. There is no need for attic insulation so your house can maximise the amount of space available in the upper storey.  


  • With rising fuel costs the use of these panels will save you thousands in future energy bills. Typically the cost of fuel bills for a three bedroom house would be £150 per year.


  • In addition the fact that the house will be constructed off-site means that you will not have the extra cost of materials and labour. You will also not have the problems of coordinating and dealing with tradesman issues.
  • Your "flat-pack" home will be delivered to you on the back of a lorry and typically the construction of a three bedroom house will take about one week from foundations to being wind and water tight.  


    So contact us today to let us help you build the flat-pack house of your dreams.